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February 24, 2004

11:48 AM

How about our live presentations and readings?

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I would like to use Leah's words to encourage you to share your ideas on this log:

I would love to hear any of your impressions of what it's like to use any of the new tools! (Or, if you haven't gotten that far, it's interesting to read that, too. Then I'll know I'm not alone!) ....

...By the way, the weekly readings are excellent as background for learning new concepts. Is there any particular place you'd like to have us post reflections on those (in the group weblog? in this daily posting?) to make life easier for you? It might be nice to respond somewhere to those, collectively, before the last week is finished. Leah

Check out our weekly readings

And what about all the wonderful presentations that we have been so lucky to to attend whether synchronously or asynchronouly, if you were unable to join us, through our page with chatlogs and recordings?

Our two last presentations, one very thought provoking about the "art of e-teaching" (web page and full recording) by Arnold Mühren, and one very practical for our every day planning, by Michael Krauss, about resources for e-teaching (text-chat).

However, if you are looking for information on how to set your own weblog, do not miss Bee's e-book on "blogging" to "blog, blog, blog, blog your life away"

Looking forward to your comments,


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February 12, 2004

6:07 AM

Comments on Comments

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Dear bloggers and bloggers-to-be,

Wow! I am really excited with all the comments posted on the blog, and the links to the newly created blogs.

I have been, little by little, visiting the blogs you have kindly shared and they are a real source of inspiring ideas on the diverse ways blogs can be used: reflection, sharing materials, activities for classroom use, student’s own work, etc.  I believe that the content of each of these blogs will motivate others to start their own blogs or to find the style for their already created ones (my case).

Comments on the Comments:

  • Fiona, you forgot to write the url to your diaryland blog. I like the look of the diaryland site. It is not so cluttered as other blog sites, and looks very friendly.
  • Sara, thanks for the article about Spanish in the Canary Islands. It is amazing how the same language can be so different in every country and even within the same country. You know what? Here in Valencia, when they hear me speaking they think I am from the Canary Islands
  •  Kyi, the theme of your dissertation sounds pretty challenging. Good luck! (I have just finished my own doctoral dissertation, what a relief!, now just need to wait for the public oral defense which will be around May).
  • Teresa’s blogs show a way to use blogs when the students do not have access to computers. Tere, from where do the students read their messages once posted by you? Now, I ask myself, should this be considered a blog? I would call it a classroom pen-pal page or maybe e-magazine. What do you all think?
  •  Agata, I like the narrative multi-media style of your bilingual blog (Polish-English)
  • Josefin, I think that by now, if you have been visiting the blogs posted you may have a better idea of the use of blogs and how they differ from a guest book. Let us know what you think now.
  • Renata, it seems you are the only one who has experimented changing the layout of our BaW Weblog. Great! Have you started a blog? You have great ideas to share and poems too. Go for it!!
  •  Jean Michel, thanks for your comments about Michael’s synchronous session at YM. What about starting a blog and share your expertise in the use of videoconferencing. Tell us how you have been awarded the “Chevalier dans l'orde des Palmes Academiques". Congratulations!!
  •  Elizabeth, I agree with you that blogs are a great way to move our students’ f2f  paper-pencil journals to cyberspace. I have been using Yahoo files sections to do that, but next time I will use blogs
  • Vance, I like the way you have been extensively using blogs with your students. It shows that they are enjoying having their own online presence. Same with you, Buth. Thanks for sharing all those ideas with us
  • Antonia, I am sure that soon you will create your own blog and share it with us.
  • Lucy, WOW!! I really love your creative ideas on using story books. They are super! I am a fan of story-telling blended with crafts. I will go back to your blog from time to time!
  • Yes, Eva isn’t it amazing what you can do through text-chat? BJB is a role model to follow in e-moderation.
  • Sus, sorry about not having your link posted. Now it is there

Sorry about the length!


Why don't we write here our questions for Bee's session  on blogs?




PS: do not forget to visit the discussion board!  

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January 28, 2004

11:29 AM

Welcome to Becoming a Webhead Weblog!

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Hi Everybody,

Have you ever written a blog? We have created this weblog for you to give it a try, and when you are ready you can create your own.
Why don't you start with an entry expressing your opinion about our session?

We hope you enjoy this Web Journal.


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